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Corehesion Development Group is an employee engagement consulting firm specializing in transforming company cultures into thriving inclusive communities. We help organizations attract and retain top industry talent using an Employee First approach that focuses on culture, leadership development, and employee well-being. 


We work with leaders at every level in an organization to build relationships and ensure each team member feels seen, heard, and valued in their work environment so they can thrive as an individual contributor or collective worker.


Our proprietary framework creates leaders at every level by developing their desire to diversify their skills in performing different functions or roles within the organization. By doing so, every employee is better able to adapt to changing circumstances and lead through periods of change. 


This approach also helps to transform employees into well-rounded leaders, who are better equipped to handle the challenges of a changing world. Our framework develops leaders who are more effective and successful in their roles, and we are confident that it can do the same for you.


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Why Choose Us?

Our C.O.R.E Principles


We believe in focusing on C.O.R.E. principles for infusing authenticity and intentionality in every decision and all responsibilities. Our principles help clients create positive impact and influence in their homes, work environment, and community.



Our C.O.R.E. Principles:



Cultivate unity between employee's purpose and the company's vision



Optimize employee's natural talents and skills for improving engagement and




Revive leadership to refine decision making skills



Execute Emotional Intelligence initiatives for creating inclusive communities within the organization

How We Can Serve Your Business


Our trainings are designed to help employees work together and meet common goals. We offer a variety of courses that can be customized for your specific business needs. Whether it’s team building or leadership development we have the perfect training for you!


Company culture is the critical foundation of every organization. An inclusive culture is an acknowledgment that employees are the most critical asset a company holds. Our consulting services can help with adopting an employee first approach for better business results overall.

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