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Building an Inclusive Culture through Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence can be a critical part of the success of your organization's DEI efforts. EI creates context for your culture through self-awareness, inclusion, and connecting with emotions. We will help develop and strengthen your team’s relationships for navigating through challenging conversations and experiences through our EI workshop.

1 Day  |  $1,895

Course Objectives:

  • Identify components of Emotional Intelligence
  • Recognize how Emotional Intelligence benefits the organization
  • Assess an develop your personal Emotional Intelligence competencies
  • Assess and develop your Social Emotional Intelligence compentencies
  • Practice Emotional Intelligence in common workplace scenarios


  • Microsoft Window 10
  • Microsoft Office 16
  • Windows Operating System

Who Should Attend?

Executives, Senior Manager, Leaders, or any business professional seeking to develop or increase their Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence counts for 90% of what moves people up the corporate ladder when IQ and tech skills are the same.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Recognizing the Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

In this lesson we'll cover understanding the competencies you need to manage your feelings and improve your social skills for maximizing performance. You will explore Emotional Intelligence skills and identify the impact it has on the workplace.


 Topic A: Define Emotional Intelligence

 Topic B: Recognize EQ's Impact on Work Experience

Lesson 2: Increasing Your Personal Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

In this lesson you're going to discover strategies to improve each personal management skills in the EQ skill set. You will increase your personal EQ in the workplace.


 Topic A: Develop Your Level of Self-Awareness

 Topic B: Develop Your Self-Regulation Skills

 Topic C: Develop Your Motivation

Lesson 3: Increasing Your Social Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

In this lesson you'll learn strategies to develop your ability to optimize interactions with coworkers.


 Topic A: Develop Your Empathy

 Topic B: Develop Your Social Skills


Lesson 4: Practicing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

In this lesson you'll learn and practice applying EQ strategies in the workplace.


 Topic A: Practice Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

 Topic B: Build an Emotionally Intelligent Team

 Topic C: Manage Change

 Topic D: Manage Conflict

 Topic E: Coach for Performance

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