Effective Time Managment for Maximizing Productivity

This workshop will help you acquire day-to-day time managment tools that will help direct your energy towards fulfilling short and long term professional and personal goals. You'll learn time management and organizational skills for focusing your efforts on activities that will help reach your goals.

1 Day  |  $1,895

Course Objectives:

  • Analyze how you are currently allocating your energy and time
  • Identify elements of your work style that contribute to effective use of time
  • Assemble a collection of time management tools and strategies to use
  • Create an action plan for your time management process and identify ways to evaluate and improve your efforts


  • Microsoft Window 10
  • Microsoft Office 16

Who Should Attend?

Executives, Senior Manager, Leaders, or any professional seeking to improve time mnaagement skills to meet your long-term goals and perform more effectively.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Defining Goals

In this lesson, you will identify the basic underlying philosophy and processes of time managment and clearly state your goals for the future by identifying two critical guiding lights: your dreams and regrets.


 Topic A: Define Time Management

 Topic B: Describe Your Dreams 

 Topic C: Identify Regrets

 Topic D: State Goals


Lesson 2: Analyzing Energy Allocation

In this lesson, you will identify how your energy is spent, then analyze your tasks, time usage, and energy flow.


 Topic A: Create a Time Log

 Topic B: Analyze Tasks

 Topic C: Analyze Time Usage

 Topic D: Analyze Energy Flow

Lesson 3: Identifying Personal Style

In this lesson, you will identify your personal style so that you can identify personal motivators and strengths; in the context of time managmenet this is significant because it will help you to be as effective as possible.


 Topic A: Review a Successful Day or Project

 Topic B: Analyze Your Preferences

 Topic C: Identify Personal Strengths

 Topic D: Identify Personal Motivators

 Topic E: Reduce Time Wasters


Lesson 4: Assembling the Toolbox

In this lesson, you will explore various negotiating and delegating skills that will help you manage your time. Also you will identify ways to achieve diplomatic resolutions and to block out time and space for your needs.


 Topic A: Negotiate for Success

 Topic B: Delegate Tasks

 Topic C: Choose Tools that Work for You


Lesson 5: Creating a Time Management Action Plan

In this lesson, you will create a time management plan to guide your porcess and develop a system for evaluting and improving your efforts.


 Topic A: Create the Action Plan

 Topic B: Evaluate the Time Management Action Plan

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