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Emotional Intelligence

Virtual Escape Room Webinar

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Culture is rapidly taking the lead over salary becoming the #1 priority for top industry talent to accept a job offer. Your industry’s top talent wants to work for a company that will value and support them personally and professionally. Emotional Intelligence is the leading training tool for helping leadership master how to connect with their team on a human level.


During our escape room webinar we’ll discuss:

✔️How Emotional Intelligence improves your team’s leadership skills

✔️How Emotional Intelligence plays a role in changing company culture

✔️How Emotional Intelligence will transform the work environment


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    It’s not enough to only execute your DEIB initiatives, your workforce should undoubtedly witness the change in the work environment, executive leadership, and recruiting practices.


    Emotional Intelligence training is the best tool for ensuring noticeable transformation in your organization.


    At the end of webinar you will:


    ✔️Understand how emotional intelligence improves leadership skills 

    ✔️Apply techniques for creating a safe and inclusive culture that attracts top industry talent

    ✔️Know the best tool to use for ensuring diversity initiatives are producing real transformation 


    Why Attend:

    You should join us to learn more about Emotional Intelligence if:

    ✔️You’re developing a holistic strategy to broaden opportunities for employee engagement and belonging

    ✔️You want to know #1 training Fortune 500 companies use for improving their work environment

    ✔️You’ve never participated in a virtual escape room during a live webinar


    Yes, that’s right! We have 2 virtual escape rooms for using your EQ knowledge, leadership skills and teamwork abilities for navigating real world work scenarios.


    Oh and let’s not forget to mention it’s a great way to have a little fun in the middle of our work day!

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